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Young people and especially women like to express themselves and their accomplishments through their clothing.  


Create a fashion item for women that encourages to explore more and at the same time express themselves through their clothing.

To attract, inspire and enable the next generation of explorers,

more specifically female outdoor enthusiasts.


How It Works

By releasing a new women's jacket with your local map, we will design patches for local explorations. Encouraging women to not only explore more, but collect patches to express themselves through their accomplishments and style. 

Get the jacket

The Collection of jackets will be sold with a variety of local maps

online and in local stores

Collect the patch

When receiving the jacket, a map and instructions for different locations will follow to make it easier to get started

Earn the patch

User generated content will drive the campaign on instagram as people use the location feature to earn the patch 

Collect the patch

Ones proven you completed your exploration through social media. You can either collect your patch in store or have them sent to you. 

Copywriter: Fredrik Hallius

Art Director: Yun Fang Yao

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