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Take your sadness out of context, at the mariners apartment complex

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Okay people, this is an album I have been wanting to do for a while. A real visit to what appears to be the heartbreaking Hamptons, at least if you look at the album visuals.

This was one of the first albums I wanted to pick up when I got my record player, and its a damn good one, heres why

If you've listened to any Lana Del Rey stuff before you kind of know whats her bread and butter. The melancholy retro style ballads, combined with a stunning voice justs puts your mind to steady sense of calmness.

She is one helluva a storyteller with clever lyrics and a rather stripped down voice. This album is no exception. As you listened through the songs its everything from straight up balads to soft psycho rock that really hits you in the gut.

This album has been critically acclaimed probably upset a few conservative Lana fans. Since she does go outside of her comfort zone every ones in while. But hey, you cant expect artists being crowd pleasers forever. So give her a break.

There is a few songs that stand out for me

4:082."Mariners Apartment Complex"

3:385."Doin' Time"

3:226."Love Song"

4:2313."Happiness Is a Butterfly"

4:3214."Hope Is a Dangerous Thing for a Woman like Me to Have - but I Have It"

Total length:67:43

You get it, almost half the tracklist stands out for me, I think that says it all

Okay so whats wrong about this album, well there not much, but let me tell why the album is much better than the actuals tracks. Might sound weird but let me explain.

This album is meant to be listened to in the form of an album, preferably on a record player. When listening to one of the tracks in one of your random Spotify lists, you wont be doing the tracks justice. In that form the songs are put out of context and gives kind of confused impression. Because there are no real "hits" on the record. They should rather be considers chapters in a saga.

This becomes apparent since there is only one track from the album on Lana's top 10 streaming tracks in Spotify.

Non the less its a great album, and when treated as an album, it becomes magical.

Give it a listened for god sake.

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